“He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and herb for the service of man: that he may bring forth food out of the earth;” - Psalm 104:14

Rosebuds & Petals Oil - 2 fl oz - Natural Skincare, Rose-Infused Rice Bran Oil, Natural Astringent, Moisturizes

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Roses are a natural astringent, containing anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which help to tone skin and tighten pores. This luxurious oil softens and moisturize skin, helps calm redness, fade spots and soothe skin irritations.

 The rose buds and petals were infused in Non-GMO Rice Bran Oil. Rice Bran Oil is rich in fatty acids and Vitamin E. This combination allows it to penetrate the skin layers to deeply moisturize and hydrate. Vitamin E is directly connected to the health and wellness of the skin. It speeds up wound healing, increases cellular regeneration, smooths the skin, reduce wrinkles, and provides protection from sunburn. Vitamin E also helps boost the protective quality of skin cells.

This oil is gentle enough to be used straight from the bottle or can be incorporated with other ingredients to prepare products, such as salves, balms, creams, lotions, ointments, and more.

2 fl oz

Ingredients: Rose buds and petals-infused Rice Bran Oil